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How to Pitch Investors: 4 VCs Share What They’re Looking For

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Here’s how to pitch to investors 👇

🔎 Christine Choi is a Partner at M13, an early-stage consumer tech venture capital firm.

When she gets to know founding teams, she asks:

Why this team?

Why this product/service?

Why now?

🔎 ​​Mike Ghaffary is a General Partner at Canvas Ventures, a boutique early-stage firm leading Series A and Series B investments.

He prefers receiving the deck by email in advance so he can read it beforehand and make sure a meeting is a good use of time for both him and the founder.

🔎 Sarah Kunst is a Managing Director at Cleo Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in pre-seed and seed stages.

She loves founder-product fit and a differentiated customer acquisition strategy. Telling a story clearly and succinctly is table stakes, but she sees so many founders miss this step.

🔎 Arvind Gupta is a Partner at Mayfield Fund, a global venture capital firm with a 50+ year history of investing.

He believes founders that stand out are those who are not married to their technological solution, but rather, solving the problem of their customers.

Investors, do you agree?

What’s your #1 advice to founders?

Here's the access to the full asset.

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