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How to Find Market Fit

"You never lose - You learn or you win." - Gavin Gillas

In this INNW episode, meet Gavin Gillas the ultimate innovator. Gavin is passionate about leveraging technology to create business and solve problems.

In this special heartfelt interview, we discussed:

1. How to grow your side hustle while you have a day job

2. Why everyone should attend a startup Hackathon and the impact of a successful elevator pitch.

3. How to validate your startup ideas and test product/market fits

You can listen to this show here:

Here is a brief bio about Gavin Gillas:

Focused on helping innovators make progress. Experienced tech CEO with a demonstrated commercialization of IP-driven projects. Digital transformation focused on interests in behavioral science, blockchain, and machine learning. Live in the future, then build what's missing. -- Paul Graham

Gavin is the CEO of YGC Head of enterprise software venture studio. Leading transformative product development and new ventures. They discover new industry opportunities, launch startups to address their software needs, and partner with enterprise leaders to bring new products to market.

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