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How to Become a Unicorn Startup in 2023

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That’s how many unicorns are worldwide as of 2023, according to CB Insights.

Reaching an investor valuation of $1 billion or more is not an easy task – if it were, everyone would do it.

The chances of a company becoming a unicorn are 0.00006%.

For this to happen, it also takes 7 years.

Examples of famous unicorns include:

▪️ SpaceX

▪️ Robinhood

▪️ Instacart

▪️ Airbnb

▪️ SpaceX

▪️ Bolt

The slides below cover a guideline on how to achieve unicorn status. 👇

At INNW Institute, we help individuals from first-time founders to seasoned executives polish their pitch, develop the strategy, and execute a vision.

These are necessary elements on your journey to becoming a unicorn.

To your growth! 🚀

Checklist How to Become a Unicorn Startup in 2023
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