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How Investors Evaluate Your Pitch Deck

Study smarter, not harder.

It’s a mantra we often hear as students when we’re preparing for exams. But it also applies to founders getting ready to pitch VCs.

How do you pitch “smarter”?

You figure out what VCs are looking for, and you make sure you deliver it.

That’s why I wanted to share this score sheet from J. Skyler Fernandes. He runs VU Venture Partners, a VC fund that views over 8,000 deals per year but invests in only 10-20 companies.

His checklist for evaluating decks can help you:

✔️ Understand how VCs will evaluate you.

✔️ Get feedback during dry runs.

✔️ Make sure your deck includes all important content.

It’s like having a cheat sheet before a big exam.

See below for the resource. 👇

What’s the #1 tip you’ve received for getting investors’ attention? Please share in the comments below. 🗯️

The Best Company Pitch Evaluation Sheet
Download PDF • 72KB

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