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How Can Startups Survive During a Downturn?

The current state of our economy isn’t doing any favors for startups.

Since last year, interest rates have been on the rise…

And in 2023, that doesn’t look to change, with interest rates spiking to 4.75%. 💰 (Federal Reserve)

But all’s not lost.

In fact, some of the most successful startups succeed in economic downturns. 


Ensure a prosperous startup with 3 key elements:

1️⃣ A Thinktank Group: 

Ensure that talented individuals are calling the shots in your startup.

2️⃣ Uniqueness: 

Provide services or products that only you offer to increase your success rate.

3️⃣ True Entrepreneurs: 

Put entrepreneurs who build despite economic circumstances in managerial positions.

Plus, use proven and grounded templates to increase your odds, such as:

✅ Business Plans

✅ Sales Assumptions

✅ Personal Survival Budgets

✅ Cash Flow Forecasts

With the right people and templates, thrive IN SPITE of the recession, not despite. 🚀

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