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First Meeting With an Investor?

🗒️ First Meeting With an Investor? Here Are 126 Questions You Should Prepare

A school teacher once shared a piece of advice that still resonates: Exams aren’t the time to do complex thinking. Exam preparation is about practicing for the questions you’re likely to see beforehand, so that when you actually see them, you know exactly how to proceed.

The same applies to pitching. Confidence (though not arrogance!) is probably the #1 factor that VCs look for, and you won’t exude confidence if you’re fumbling over your answers to their questions.

That’s why this list of the 126 questions you’re likely to get can be so valuable.

Here’s a quick sample:

🔹 How did you get to this project?

🔹 How differentiated is the company’s technology?

🔹 How easy will it be to replicate this technology?

🔹 How do we know people want what you’re building?

🔹 What are the barriers to entry?

🔹 When are you paying me back?

Interested in seeing the full resource?

Just drop a comment below and I’ll send it ASAP! 👇

What do you think are some of the key factors driving VCs’ investment decisions? How does this affect your pitching? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

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