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Examples of Summary Slides to Hook Your Investors

Do you need a summary slide?

Yes, if you’d like to avoid wasting time on investors that would never invest because your company is at the wrong stage.

A summary slide is meant to tick the investor’s box.

Make them say, “Yes, this startup fits with our investment thesis.”

You’ll want a summary slide that includes:

🔹 The industry

🔹 Business model

🔹 Mission or vision

🔹 One-liner summary of your business

🔹 The amount you are targeting to raise

🔹 Any major milestones or traction metrics

🔹 General stage & funding stage of the company

You don’t need to go into much detail in the slide.

But it should help investors decide quickly if it’s a good fit or not.

And ensuring that everyone is on the same page makes the storytelling part of your pitch way easier.

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