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What Startups Should Know About Due Diligence

I got a term sheet... now what?

One of the critical parts of fundraising is due diligence.

It’s a process for VC firms to assess uncertainties and risks in startups before they decide to invest.

If you have all the documents prepared, it could take weeks. If you need to compile key documents or explain certain irregularities, it could take months.

But due diligence is actually an opportunity for a startup to improve.

Companies spend millions of dollars every year paying high-end consultants to tell them where the issues are in their company, its operations, and its financials.

With VC due diligence, the startup gets all of that for free.

And in the end, if all goes well, you’ll get a few thousand or million dollars invested in your startup. What’s not to embrace about a process like that?

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