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Common Mistakes When Pitching to VCs That Are Easy to Fix

They’re actually an easy fix.

The most important ones:

⚠ Not sending the deck ahead of time.

Send it beforehand and save everyone a lot of time. This will help VCs do basic homework.

⚠ Not doing homework on the VC firm.

You should know their other investments in the space. You might convince them how it makes sense to invest in your company because you have synergy with one of theirs.

⚠ Not speaking with data.

Even if you just have 10 customers, it’s okay to tell them this over a qualitative answer.

⚠ Not answering the questions.

If you don’t know the answer, say so. Don’t say “you’ll get to that later”. Because if you do, that may be too late.

Which ones resonated with you the most?

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