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A Simple Commitment Test For You And Your Co-Founders

65% of high-potential startups fail due to conflict among co-founders.

So I’ve got a simple test for you.

If you and your co-founders all agree to this, intuitively and quickly — no exceptions — I’d argue you’re on the right path, as a team.

Here’s the test by Jason Lemkin - Founder of SaaStr:

➡ A 5, or better yet, 6-year vesting schedule, with

➡ A 1-year cliff starting 12 months after you close seed funding, or launch of MVP — whichever comes later. (I.e., if you leave before those 12 months, you leave with 0 shares. Zero).

➡ No vesting at all for all the hard work you’ve already done prior to that cliff. None.

➡ With full acceleration / 100% vesting if terminated after an acquisition (so-called “double trigger”).

What does this do?

If for some reason someone later doesn’t work out and steps off — all or most or at least enough of their equity will come back in the right ratio relative to the journey.

Those who don’t agree most likely:

- has something better to do

- wants to see how it goes

- sees it as risky

- doesn't 100% believe

And that means you need to work on your team.

Do you agree?

Have you tried a similar strategy?

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