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A Prep Checklist for Startups About to Undergo Technical Due Diligence

For Startups About to Undergo Technical Due Diligence

Here’s a Prep Checklist 👇

Matt Van Itallie is the founder and CEO of Sema, and he created this checklist for C-level executives and senior managers who are responsible for helping VCs determine whether their “codebase is safe enough for investment.”

Tech startup founders, you can use the very same checklist that investors use to make sure you can pass their thorough technical due diligence.

It covers:

✔ Product roadmap

✔ Code quality

✔ Intellectual property

✔ Code, network, and information security

✔ Development process

✔ Engineering team contributions

✔ DevOps

Going through this checklist will help your startup raise funds more efficiently.

Investors, what do you check first in a technical due diligence?

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