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50+ Essential Startup Communities and Newsletters for Founders

Over 90% of startup founders say that mentorship was a key factor in their success. (Sage)

Networking is also crucial: A survey of 1,000 entrepreneurs across the US, Europe, and Asia showed that informal professional networks and communities are even more important to entrepreneurial success than incubators and accelerators. (Economist Intelligence Unit via Forbes)

Being in the know and attending networking events can help you find the mentors you need to succeed.

That’s why I wanted to share this list of 50+ startup communities and newsletters.

Some highlights:

🔷 GrowthMentor, an organization that helps match founders with vetted mentors

🔷 Startup Nation, which provides entrepreneurs with a platform to give and receive answers from other founders and CEOs

🔷 Lean Startup Circle, which provides space for entrepreneurs to connect in person and online

🔷 Demand Curve, a 50,000-strong online community filled with resources and information for entrepreneurs

Interested in seeing the full resource?

Just drop a comment below and I’ll send it ASAP! 👇

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