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300+ VC Questions for Startup Founders

Your pitch deck is ready… But you’re not.

I’m sure you’re nervous about the investor interviews.

Well, here’s a hot tip: Put yourself in the investors’ shoes.

Think about what you’d ask if you’re investing in a startup.

That way, you avoid getting blindsided and get your investor’s perspective.

So, to help prepare for the interview…

Pawel Maj collected 300+ questions typically asked during a VC interview:

✅ Fundraising Questions

   ➡️ What are the KPIs for this round?

   ➡️ What's a pre-money valuation?

   ➡️ Do you already have term sheets for other funds?

✅ Team Questions

   ➡️ What is the size of your team?

   ➡️ How do you attract employees to your company?

   ➡️ What are the key hires?

✅ Exit Questions

   ➡️ When do you plan to exit?

   ➡️ Who could be a potential buyer?

   ➡️ What is vital for a potential buyer?

…and more!

In one year alone, Pawel Maj has participated in 200+ meetings of startups with potential investors. 

He writes down all the investor’s questions he’s heard, so he’s now sharing the giant list. 

9 out of 10 questions you’ll get asked will come from this list, making it necessary for you to close. 🚀

Check out the complete list of questions inside our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club where I will share these valuable resources. Join us here!

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