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220+ Non-VC Funding Sources for Startups

VCs get most of the attention when it comes to startup funding.

But they’re not the only game in town. In fact, they’re not even the biggest. Whereas VCs fund only 0.05% of startups, angel investors fund 0.91%--nearly twice as many. (If these numbers sound small, it’s because most companies are self-funded.) (Entrepreneur)

So while it’s ok to focus on VCs if you’re looking to land a big check, you should keep in mind your other options.

This list contains 220+ non-VC funding sources, including:

✅ Angel groups, including women angel investors

✅ Crowdfunding sites

✅ Startup accelerators + incubators


See below for access to the full resource. 👇

PREVIEW 220+ Non-VC Funding Sources for Startups
Download PDF • 422KB

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