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10+ Pitch Deck Slides for Successful Fundraising in 2023

What separates startups that fail series funding vs. a unicorn?

The pitch deck.⚡

If you ask yourself questions like:

➡️ What slides are necessary to include?

➡️ What’s the best pitch deck to emulate?

➡️ What are the current design trends?

I encourage you to pay close attention to this guide.

So, to build a perfect pitch deck, here are the 10 essential slides to include:

1️⃣ Title Slide

Keep it eye-catching and memorable. As they say, first impressions last.

2️⃣ Summary Slide

Break down your business in less than 30 words. Also, include your team’s strengths.

3️⃣ Problem Slide

Present your target customer’s pain points.

4️⃣ Solutions Slide

Illustrate how your business solves the issues.

5️⃣ Business Model Slide

Describe how you plan to generate revenue.

6️⃣ The Market Slide

Paint a vivid picture of your industry. Give concrete figures.

7️⃣ Customer Acquisition Slide

Describe your target market and advertising channels.

8️⃣ Competition Slide

Recount your closest competition and how you stack up against it.

9️⃣ Team Slide

Introduce your team.

🔟 The Ask Slide

How much are you asking for?

The difference between gaining funding lies in 10 slides.

Swipe below to get the complete guide. 👇

10+ Pitch Deck Slides for Successful Fundraising in 2023
Download PDF • 3.47MB

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