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4 week Bootcamp to get your elevator,

investor, and sales pitch ready.

We will help you systematically identify, and articulate what is your unique superpower, and more importantly, add the power of storytelling into your pitch to get a YES from investors or customers.

Our closed cohorts include



Wen is the Founder and CEO for INNW Institute. She has a mission to empower and support founders to grow and scale their business. 

Wen succeeds in both the startup and corporate world with experience in software, hardware, service-based business models. She has experience in launching new businesses, expanding the market internationally, and scaling and managing global enterprise business. In a Fortune 500 company, she lead a $320M yearly product portfolio while managing 400 sales teams across the NA region.

Two 60mins 1-1 Mentoring Sessions with Wen


We prepare you with a pitch deck that can be customized as a full storyboard or an elevator pitch deck to effectively connect with your shareholders.


4 Weekly Live Hands-on 90mins Discussion to Create Your 

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Investor Deck

  • B2B Sales Script 

  • Winning Pitching Mindset to Get Yes 


Best Practice to Create Authentic Connection & Follow Up

What people are saying


Mike Otten
K-5 Math Specialist, Java/Processing Programmer

Loved your class! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You filled the time with such remarkable insights and suggestions!


Andrea Kim
Head of Business Development, Seoul Ventures

How can you make a concise, well-crafted pitch instantly right after each brief description by attendees? Awesome!

I think we all are so lucky to have you in this program.


Badr Belhiti
Chief Technology Officer, Univvfy

I wanted to say thank you for hosting such an insightful and helpful event. My co-founders and I have been eagerly applying to our current pitch deck, and we feel more confident speaking to stakeholders now. Can't wait for future events!


For the highly ambitious, passionate, growth-oriented founder ready to make a commitment to their goals and dreams.

What people are saying


Mike Mack,
CEO of Fract

Wen took the most complicated idea, that my customers get in 2 seconds, and made it so anyone can get it in 2 seconds. Amazing. My jaw hit the ground the first time I heard her read back what my own company did. I’m like “WHAT!!!!”.


Perfect, so smooth, so clear, so easy. Thank you Wen, Thank you. I cannot recommend her enough. I know I’ll be using her and her company again!


Barbara Silva Troncoso, President of Her Global Impact

After our first time meeting with Wen, we are impressed with her ability to understand our business model quickly, she knows exactly what we need to say, to convey our vision and impact, from both messaging perspective as well as the financial aspect, in a concise manner. 

Working with Wen has strengthened our pitch significantly. I highly recommend working with INNW Institute.

juan carlos.jpeg

Juan Carlos Cochamanidis,
Founder & CEO of Morbix

Wen helped us formulate a more simple and effective framework in the pitch deck. She helped us describe who we are and why we are here in a more authentic and polished way.

Thanks to Wen, her passionate storytelling ability, alongside her energetic personality, I am now able to dramatically improve my communication skills and unlock the best version of myself so we can be unstoppable in our fundraising journey.

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