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4 week Bootcamp to get your elevator, investor, and sales pitch ready.

You will walk away with
Your 30 second elevator pitch ready
Effective investor messaging / storytelling / pitch ready
Mastering how to pitch to get a YES from B2B customers
Winning pitch mindset & understand how to get YES
'WOW' factor & confidence in your pitching / presentation
We will help you systematically identify, and articulate what is your unique superpower, and more importantly, add the power of storytelling into your pitch to get a YES from investors or customers.
If you are an early-stage founder (seed / pre-seed founders) who is just about to raise capital or curious to learn how to pitch your product/ service effectively to get YES
If you are ready to learn how to get YES from either investors or customers
If you are ready to uplevel your ability to inspire the world with your vision
If you are ready to win in a bigger way
What to expect: 
  • A Pitch Deck Template  (that raises $10MM+ in the year 2022 alone) 

  • Two 60mins 1-1 Mentoring Sessions  

  • 4 Weekly Live Hands-on 90mins Discussion to Create Your 

    • Elevator Pitch

    • Investor Deck

    • B2B Sales Script 

    • Winning Pitching Mindset to Get Yes 

  • 1000+ Active Investor Database

    • Best Practice to Create Authentic Connection & Follow Up

  • 500 Most Active Tech Investors in the U.S.

    • ​Investment History & Track Record of Each Firm

  • ​126 Questions You Should Prepare Before Meeting Investors 

Total program value: $8,500 USD
Price: $2,497 USD 
You will walk away with
Investor Pitch Deck
  • Compelling messaging and know how to build your unique investor pitch to get YES

  • Unique value proposition

  • GTM and revenues model

  • Fundraising and milestones

  • Investor messaging strategy

Customer Presentation
  • Understand why do people buy

  • How to use storytelling in your pitch to get YES

  • The secret of getting inside your ideal customer’s mind

  • How to effectively book/run B2B sales call Winning sales script

Elevator Pitch
  • Effectively 30s elevator pitch leveraging storytelling framework

  • Winning mindset support during pitching and fundraising process

  • WOW factor pitching in person or virtually

Confidence Delivery
  • Confidence projection in speaking

  • Body language, movements and gestures, tonality

  • Winning mindset support during pitching and fundraising process

  • 24/7 What’sup support

What Our Customers Are Saying...


Ruben Arias
Cofounder & CEO

''The pitch deck we built with Wen was the backbone of our fundraising effort: We successfully raised $1 million investment and achieved $1 million in revenue within one year. Today, we use it for literally anything: from pitching to investors to onboarding new team members''


David S. Franklin Founder/CEO knowRX, Inc.

''In a short time frame with Wen’s guidance, we’ve elevated our pitch and deck. As a result, we just received a $1.5M investment.That’s magic!''

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How many sessions are there?

There are 4 sessions total.

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