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Have you ever needed support on crafting your pitch, honing your sales, and elevating your pitch deck, but investing 5-figures wasn't quite in the budget?

You asked. We listened.

Introducing our new monthly membership program, the

Sales & Investor Accelerator Club!

We are opening the doors for you with over:


  • 500+ action-packed resources

  • Guides for startups

  • Support on crafting your pitch

  • Storytelling insights

  • And resources specifically designed for YOU

If you are an early-stage founder (seed / pre-seed founders) who is just about to raise capital or curious to learn how to pitch your product/ service effectively to get YES
If you are ready to learn how to get YES from either investors or customers
If you are ready to uplevel your ability to inspire the world with your vision
If you are ready to win in a bigger way
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Get your elevator, investor, and sales pitch ready.

Join us on a self-guided journey to build your pitch step by step through our online modules (to get your elevator pitch, investor and sales pitch ready). Additionally, we offer world-class resources when it comes to investor outreach strategy, email templates, pitch deck templates, startup resources etc, alongside expert lecture series on a quarterly basis. Whatever you are looking for in your startup growth journey, we've got you covered. We provide all tools you need to excel and scale your business from start to finish.




In the Sales & Investor Club, we are opening the doors for you with over 100 action-packed resources. Guides for startups. Support on crafting your pitch. Storytelling insights. And resources specifically designed for YOU. 



What Our Customers Are Saying...


Cristina Imperial Carl 
Founder & CEO of Ediphi

"Having you guys on my side has been an absolute game-changer. I can't express enough how relieved and grateful I am to have your support. If it weren't for your team, I'd probably be pulling my hair out and feeling incredibly nervous right now. The assistance and guidance provided during the deep dive sessions have been beyond helpful, making the entire process much smoother for me. This experience has truly been invaluable, and I can't thank you enough for your expertise and support. Before I met INNW, my greatest challenge was distilling my message effectively for my audience and delivering it impactfully. INNW came to my rescue in every possible way! They effortlessly assisted me in crafting my message, and fine-tuning my presentation deck, and Wen's personal support and effective public speaking tips were invaluable. The outcome? A great demo day pitch! I received immediate inbound opportunities, with more on the horizon. Would I recommend INNW? Absolutely! Wen is an extraordinary force, dedicated to her founders' success. Her fearlessness and contagious passion are evident in how she tirelessly supports and empowers her portfolio companies."


Sergey Makarov (Jay) 

Founder & CEO of TalentWay

"Before teaming up with Wen and the INNW Institute, I was at a loss on how to clearly present our startup's vision to potential customers and investors. It was during a group session with Wen that I realized this was a shared challenge, especially for technical founders like myself. Over our twelve sessions, Wen didn't just guide us in refining our pitch; she also delved deep into enhancing our marketing and sales strategies. What truly stands out about Wen is her knack for aiding founders in discovering and embracing their unique, authentic voice. With her assistance, we began securing our first sales and received positive feedback from customers on numerous ideas. Thanks to Wen, I've gained the confidence and know-how to pitch our startup in a manner that's both genuine to my essence and engaging to listeners. If you're a founder seeking clarity in conveying your story to customers or investors, I wholeheartedly recommend Wen and the INNW Institute."


Can I cancel anytime? Is there a contract in place?

Yes absolutely! You can cancel the $49 per month at any time. While there are no refunds during the time that you are in the membership, there is no contract, and the monthly membership can be cancelled at any time. We look forward to welcoming you! 

Wen Zhang

Wen is the Founder and CEO for INNW Institute. She has a mission to empower and support founders to grow and scale their business. 

Wen succeeds in both the startup and corporate world with experience in software, hardware, service-based business models. She has experience in launching new businesses, expanding the market internationally, and scaling and managing global enterprise business. In a Fortune 500 company, she lead a $320M yearly product portfolio while managing 400 sales teams across the NA region.

She is passionate about supporting founders to grow and scale their ventures while working through their business model in addition to the pitching process in order to connect and resonate with investors and customers via pitch deck. 

Wen holds a Master's Degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University.

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