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Pitch Deck Teardown: The Perfect Pitch Deck

🌟 Pitch Deck Teardown: The Near-Perfect Pitch Deck 🌟

Showing what works and what could be improved.

Supliful solves an interesting problem.

It allows content creators to build their own private-label businesses.

Their logic is:

→ Content creators promote other brands all the time, so why not promote their own brand?

💸 It raised $1 Million in a seed round last October.

Their pitch deck wasn’t the best – it was full of types and had a bad design.

That’s not the deck we are sharing here.

Haje Jan Kamps from TechCrunch worked with a team at Trulytell to improve Supliful deck.

The redesigned 17-slide pitch deck is attached below.

The best part is that it contains information on what works and what doesn’t.

I would give this pitch an overall 8.2/10.0.

What is missing besides the points made in the slides?

It is missing the “storytelling framework”.

I will go in-depth into what this is in my next workshop “Pitch Perfect, The Magic of Getting Funding”

The link to sign up is in the first comment below. 👇

Do you like the Supliful deck? 💬

Pitch Deck Teardown The Perfect Pitch Deck_2
Download PDF • 5.60MB

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