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Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template

🎁 Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template 🎁

10 slides you MUST include in your pitch deck.

Your deck is your sales document.

Make it simple. Tell a story. Make it memorable.

Each slide needs to serve a purpose.

There is A LOT of advice out there on what constates a good pitch – don’t listen to everything.

Listen only to advise coming from experts in the field or VCs sharing concrete examples of what they want to see.

@Sequoia Capita, one of the leading VC companies, recommends using the template I’ve attached below.

In a nutshell, your pitch must:

1️⃣ State a *PROBLEM* – What is the users’ pain point?

2️⃣ Provide a *SOLUTION* – How does your solution work? Why now?

3️⃣ Explain why there's a big enough *MARKET* – If it’s not big enough, it’s not fit for VC money.

4️⃣ Describe your *BUSINESS* model – How will you make money?

5️⃣ Show who's on your *TEAM* – Why should investors trust them to build and sell this product?

6️⃣ Have strong *FINANCES* - If you don’t have concrete numbers, base it on realistic assumptions

What is the best advice you’ve received for pitching your company? 💬

I am sharing the best well-kept secrets on building a great pitch next in my next workshop.

Find the link to sign up in the first comment. 👇

Source: Michael Houck

Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template
Download PDF • 1.23MB

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