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How to Pitch: 10 Investors Discuss What They’re Looking For in June 2023

💥 How to Pitch to Make Investors Say "TAKE MY MONEY"? 💥

10 investors discuss what they’re looking for. 👇

According to most research, up to 90% of startups fail.

😟 90%!

Why would that happen to your startup?

👉🏼 Your idea might not be the best

👉🏼 You are not in the right market

👉🏼 You don't have the right product/market fit

But also:

👉🏼 You didn’t choose WHO and HOW to pitch.

You need to find the right investor for your startup.

The way you pitch your startup might make it look like you’re not ready to bring this idea to life.

This month, TechCrunch interviewed 10 investors who shared their expectations on a pitch.

Here’s what they said:

➡️ Cold emails are welcome to them, but a warm introduction also helps

➡️ They look for founders with big ideas, execution ability, and resilience

➡️ They look forward to questions about growth expectations, communication, and support during scaling

➡️ They speak to founders within the VC's portfolio to assess support during challenging times

➡️ They prefer that you engage in a back-and-forth discussion rather than a one-way classic pitch presentation

To find out more about this, check the swipe file I have attached below. 👇🏼💭

What is your experience talking to investors like?

What do you think they look for? 💬

Source: Walter Thompson

How to Pitch 10 Investors Discuss What They’re Looking For in June 2023
Download PDF • 2.45MB

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