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What Startups Need to Know and Prepare for Each Round

👉 Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, B, and C

The key differences between funding rounds are:

- the business metrics

- level of maturity

- and growth potential

For Pre-Seed:

➡ Founders consider grants or funds from private investors like friends and family.

➡ The main focus is to polish the business idea.

➡ The purpose of the funding is to achieve one or more milestones.

Avg. Funding Amount is less than $1M

Typical Company Valuation is $1 - $3M

For Seed:

➡ Founders consider angel investors and accelerator programs.

➡ The main focus is scaling the client base and overall company.

➡ The purpose of the funding is to find and use cost-effective channels.

Avg. Funding Amount is $1.7M

Typical Company Valuation is $3 - $6M

Find out more on Series A, B, and C + a checklist for each round by joining our Sales & Investor Accelerator Club. Join us here!

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