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The State of Digital Health and Health Tech

From remote health monitoring to data storage, MedTech helps make the world healthier.

And luckily, distribution of both digital health and health tech is becoming widespread.

In fact, even in areas with limited distribution, at least 60% of all MedTech is available. 📈 (Statistica)

But to clear things up, here’s the difference of digital health vs. health tech:

✅ Digital Health includes:

➡️ Mobile health applications

➡️ Wireless medical devices

➡️ Telemedicine

✅ Medtech/Health tech includes:

➡️ Medical devices

➡️ Digital Health

➡️ In-vitro diagnostics

In short, MedTech is the general term that encompasses all health-related devices.

And here are some highlights of the current state of MedTech:

➡️ Digital health funding decreased by 57% YoY in 2022.

➡️ US-based companies account for most digital health funding, amounting to 68%.

➡️ Investments in health tech reached $23 billion last year, with a sharp drop off in Q3.

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