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📖 The 23 Rules of Storytelling for Fundraising

Did you know that you’re 20 times more likely to remember facts if they’re part of a story?

This is one of the key insights of cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner.

Being a good storyteller isn’t just about keeping your audience engaged and making it more likely that they’ll remember what you’re telling them. It can also mean the difference between a successful VC pitch and going home empty-handed.

That’s why I wanted to share these 23 rules to improve your storytelling and boost your odds of raising VC money.

They’re from James Currier, a General Partner at NFX, a VC fund that invests in early-stage companies and has built 10 companies with more than $10 billion in exits.

The highlights:

🔹 Keep it brief.

🔹 Constantly adjust your story to your audience.

🔹 Speak in numbers.

🔹 Don’t bury the lead.

🔹 Speak simply, with no jargon.

🔹 Use analogies.

🔹 Show, don’t tell.

For the complete list of rules and more details, swipe through the file below. 👇

What’s your #1 tip for telling investors a good story? Please share in the comments. 🗯️

The 23 Rules of Storytelling For Fundraising
Download PDF • 324KB

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