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Success is a Series of Sprints - Interview with Simon Severino

In today's episode, welcome with me the CEO of global consultancy "Strategy Sprints", Simon Severino. Simon is the author of "Strategy Sprints" & "Habits of Success", Creator of the Strategy Sprints Method, and a contributor for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. He's also a member of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society and the #1 speaker on agile strategy and agile sales.

In his 19 years of entrepreneurship, he has executed hundreds of go-to-market strategies with B2B teams around the globe. He has scaled his own consultancy and has retired from operations. Simon reached financial freedom and became an investor and has since helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach financial freedom too.

Simon shared amazing advice about creating success along the entrepreneurial journey. If you are serious about thriving in the future, join me and listen in to this episode!

Today, we’ll discuss:

🔹 The importance of identifying and focusing on the One Thing for which you will stand

🔹 The significance of integrity in your entrepreneurial journey

🔹 How to focus on your superpowers and overcome yourself doubts

🔹 Why do you need to build a system to clarify, change and adapt goals

🔹 How you can use his 3-Step "Strategy Sprints" Method to succeed in business and life

Curious to hear more from Simon and learn more on his winning approach to success, catch today’s episode right here!

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