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Investor Outreach Strategy

📢 Investor Outreach Strategy: A 9-Step Guide

+ How to Follow-up After an Investor Meeting With Templates

How do you poke the VC bear?

Matt Preuss published a 9-step guide on reaching out and engaging with investors.

1. Understand the Market

2. Research Your Target Investors

3. Build a List of Potential Investors

4. Draft Your Outreach Email or Use a Template

5. Draft Your Outreach Email or Use a Template

6. Prepare Your Marketing Materials and Create a Pitch Deck

7. Follow-up With Potential Investors

8. Track and Measure Email and Click-Through Rates

9. Have Productive Conversations and Close Deals

Now, even though we follow each step correctly…

The hard reality for many founders is silence.

VCs get overwhelmingly busy and founders end up never getting a response from them.

Here’s what you can do 👇

Your first follow-up should include:

- the pitch deck for their review

- answers to any outstanding questions

- any materials the investor requested

Ongoing follow-ups should be sent every 3–5 days and mention:

- the round is filling up

- the new investors who have signed

- product and sales wins (traction, launches & new customers)

Your final follow-up should include:

- a reminder of the original meeting

- top company highlights (traction, team, investors)

- and a decision deadline

Interested in taking a look at the follow-up email templates by pre-seed investor, Ash Rust? Then join us on Sales & Investor Accelerator where I will share these valuable resources. Join us here!

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