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3 Ways of Producing the Urgency Effect on Investors

How can you trigger a fear of missing out (FOMO) among investors?

VCs won't invest in something that seems to have little urgent need in the world.

3 tips from Donna Griffit, who has worked for 17+ years with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and investors across a wide range of industries, helping them create and deliver presentations, pitches, and messages:

1️⃣ Take advantage of the opportunities created by en masse behavioral changes (e.g., Covid-19, supply chain issues, climate change).

2️⃣ Watch out for regulatory changes that can change behavior overnight (e.g., data protection acts).

3️⃣ Create FOMO by showing investors your market is heating up. Tell stories about comparable firms that have large funding rounds, major acquisitions, and big IPOs.

Curious to know more? Swipe through the slides below 👇

Know other tips for producing the urgency effect? Share in the comments!

3 Ways of Producing the Urgency Effect on Investors
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