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Pitch perfect, The Magic of Getting Funding

Calling for technical founders! - Are you passionate about your product yet had a hard time explaining yourself in a clear and concise way and getting yes?

Learn the top 3 secrets to creating a compelling elevator pitch for tech startup founders who are struggling secure funding.

Leveraging an award-winning storytelling framework, whether you are building a 1-minute elevator pitch over a cocktail event, to a formal 5-minute investor pitch in a board room setting, you will get the "yes" immediately from investors and customers.

So you can focus on making an impact, growing your business, and launching the next generation of a billion-dollar company.


Walk away knowing how to clarify your value, communicate your vision, and create the perfect pitch every time, so you can raise more, sell more, and attract world-class talents.

During the workshop, you’ll walk away with:
1. Your startup 30s elevator pitch ready

2. Know how to build your unique investor pitch to get YES

3. Winning mindset and strategy on your pitch day​


Wen Zhang

Wen Zhang is the founder and CEO of INNW Institute, a global accelerator for tech startups, supporting entrepreneurs who are challenged to secure funding, to get yes from investors and customers. She is also GP of FV Venture, an early seed VC fund supporting international founders in Austin.

She is a serial entrepreneur who has launched businesses, increased their presence in the global market, and managed a large-scale enterprise at a Fortune 100 company. Through her pitching and storytelling expertise, she has helped her clients achieve over 40 million dollars in funding.

Wen holds a Master's Degree in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University.

Check out our TEDx talk here!

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